THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  I got everything, and they sound fantastic.  You have one HAPPY client, and I will certainly let the world know about it...Cheers, Jean Lafortune - YaxmobiAlex

GREAT job on the audio! You have a very nice voice and read very well. The client is going to love it! Thanks again for your prompt work on this project! I'm looking forward to working with you again soon.  Peace, Dustin
-Dustin R. Ebaugh, President
(CD training giude for John Holland Group)

Alex, Marc and I wanna thank you for the AWESOME job on the liners... you nailed down EXACTLY what we were looking for. You've really given us the unique station voice we were looking for, and it's going to fit SOOO well with our positioning and branding in the market. If you ever require any references as to your ability and professionalism, we would be HAPPY to provide comments or speak to any potential clients you may have.
-Gary Stackhouse, Program Director 103.5FM The Pirate
(radio station imaging)

Hi Alex, Great working with you. I think the other guys will be pleased!
-Daniel Ferguson, Co-writer/1st Assistant Director "Wired to Win"
(principal narration IMAX movie)

Alex, thanks for the great work in bringing the python alive.
Steve Hidinger, Director 10 Networks
(character VO tv commercial)

Thats what its like working with a professional
-Phil Lee, Producer/ Engineer/ Principal Full House Productions Inc
(narration Talk Time audio book)

Thanks again for your great work
-Matt Anfuso, Internet Entrepenuer

You are NOW Odd Thomas
-Ian Karr, Director/ Founder IKA Collective
(Odd Thomas book tv commercial)